VIRPIL Controls News

  1. ★ VPC Pre-Orders Dispatch Update

    Hello VIRPILs!

    We would like to issue a new update regarding the status of the pre-order dispatches. Anyone who has requested an update via email/ticket will already know - but we would like to confirm via announcement also!

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  2. ★ VPC Pre-Orders Update

    Once again we would like to confirm the current pre-order production status with the community.

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  3. ★ VPC Pre-Order and Production Update

    We would like to keep everyone updated with the status of our pre-order products and production, so today we’re pleased to share some new photos and news directly from our new production factory!

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  4. ★ VPC Pre-Order and Factory Update

    The VPC team would like to provide a further update on the status of our upcoming products that are currently on preorder as well as our production factory.

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  5. ★ Pre-Order Products Update

    We would like to quickly update the status of our current line of pre-order products:

    • VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle
    • VPC WarBRD Base
    • VPC Constellation Delta Grip

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  6. ★ PayPal Re-Enabled!

    The VPC EU team are pleased to announce that PayPal is once again available as a payment method!

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  7. ★ Opening of the VIRPIL Controls EU Webstore and Pre-Orders

    The VIRPIL Controls team are pleased to announce the readiness of our new store for our EU customers!

    Purchasing of VPC products will now be much easier, with faster, cheaper and more reliable delivery via DPD. Orders will no longer be required to pass through customs, and instead will be delivered directly to your door. View more delivery information here:

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