VPC MongoosT-50BE Grip

 Black Edition Grip
 Based on Modern Russian Fighter Jet Controls
 Material - Enhanced PU Plastic Construction
 Wide Variety of Buttons, Triggers and Hats
 Analogue Brake Lever

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VPC MongoosT-50 Black Edition Grip

Featuring all black buttons, flip trigger, hats and palm rest, while retaining the red primary trigger and fire button, the VPC MongoosT-50BE (Black Edition) Grip offers a sleeker and more aggressive look than the standard grip.

Taking it's design straight from the cockpit of the fifth generation Russian fighter jets, the VPC MongoosT-50 Grip puts more controls in the hands of virtual pilots than ever before.

Featuring a wide array of controls, including:

 1 x Dual-stage Trigger
 1 x Folding Trigger
 5 x Buttons
 3 x 4-way Hats
 1 x 2-position Switch
 1 x Analog Brake Lever

All buttons use OMRON switches for excellent tactile feedback.

The ergonomic design also includes an adjustable wrist rest catering for a wide range of hand sizes, allowing long play sessions without experiencing discomfort. The unique attachment collar also allows for the user to set the grip to their desired rotation offset for further improved ergonomics - perfect for center mounted setups.

Ars Technica Approved

The VPC MongoosT-50 Grip is compatible with the following bases:

 VPC MongoosT-50 Base
 VPC WarBRD Base
 TM Warthog Base *
 TM Cougar Base *

* Analog brake lever will operate as a digital button on these bases.

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