VPC MT-50 CosmoSim Cams

Includes 2 x Cams (X and Y axis)
Linear Deflection Force
 Soft Center
 Perfect for Space Sim Pilots
Designed for the VPC MongoosT-50 Base

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VPC MT-50 CosmoSim Cams

Our new CosmoSim cams exhibit less of a center detent than both the 1-Dot (40% less) and 2-Dot (25% less) cams and the force required at the outer edges of deflection is also significantly less than both the 2-Dot (40% less) and 3-Dot (55% less) cams.

These cams are perfect for space-sim pilots who do not need the simulated atmospheric feedback of the standard soft-center and no-center VPC MongoosT-50 cams. 

VPC MT-50 CosmoSim Cams Compatibility

 VPC MongoosT-50 Base

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