VPC V.F.X Grip

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Estimated release date: October 2019.
Based on Modern Western Fighter Jet Controls
Material - Enhanced PU Plastic Construction
Wide Variety of Buttons, Triggers and Hats
DLC (Direct Lift Control) Thumbwheel Axis
Digital Paddle Lever Axis
Available with Optional Lockable All-Metal Twist Axis Mechanism, or Fixed Stock
All Input Axis use VPC Contactless Digital Sensors
10% Discount When Purchased with VPC Base (applied at checkout)

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VPC V.F.X Grip

The VPC V.F.X Grip is our latest addition to our expanding lineup of interchangeable grips and our first Western fighter grip! The V.F.X grip is based on controls found in the aircraft developed for the Naval Fighter Experimental program.

The VPC V.F.X Grip features a number of unique features:

 1 x Dual-stage trigger
 4-way weapon select w/ push
 DLC thumbwheel axis - spring loaded return to the center (Contactless digital sensor)
 Paddle lever axis w/ physical push button at 100% (Contactless digital sensor)
 8-way ungated POV hat w/ push
 3 x momentary push buttons
 Available with Lockable All-Metal Twist Axis Mechanism (Contactless digital sensor)

All input axes (DLC Thumbwheel, Twist Axis and Paddle Lever) on the VPC V.F.X Grip now use contactless digital sensors providing unparalleled input accuracy.

Available with an optional lockable twist axis mechanism for extra versatility, or purchased with a fixed stock (no twist axis) for those with rudder pedals and do not require this feature.

The VPC V.F.X Grip is compatible with the following bases:

 VPC MongoosT-50 Base
 VPC MongoosT-50CM Base
 VPC WarBRD Base
 TM Warthog Base*

* Due to limitations of the TM Warthog base, all grip axis will respond as button inputs instead.

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