VPC WarBRD Base - Extra Heavy Spring Set

Includes 2 x springs (X and Y axis)
~50% stronger centering force compared to the included WarBRD Base heavy springs
Designed for the VPC WarBRD Base


VPC WarBRD Base Heavy Spring Set

Due to popular demand we have introduced a heavier spring set for the VPC WarBRD Base!

This extra heavy spring set features higher centering force (around 50% stronger) compared to the heavy springs included with the VPC WarBRD Base allowing for stronger centering when using heavy grips or extensions.

Please note, due to the increased centering force, this spring set is not suitable for desktop use with a base that is not hard mounted. The VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base still provides the widest range of adjustment with the strongest potential centering force.

VPC WarBRD Base Heavy Spring Set Compatibility

 VPC WarBRD Base

  • Product Weight (kg): 0,015
  • Product Dimensions (mm): N/A
  • N/A
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