VPC ACE Torq Pedals

VPC ACE Torq Pedals

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VPC ACE Torq Pedals

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 Perfect for All Simulations
All Metal Construction
Adjustable Cam-Centering Mechanism
Adjustable Clutch Damper
Aluminium Footplates
VPC Contactless Digital Proximity Sensors

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VPC ACE Torq Rudder Pedals

The VPC ACE-Torq Rudder Pedals are a single axis pedal set with an adjustable clutch damper. Perfect for all VIRPILs flying all types of simulations including GA, Combat, Helicopter and Space-sims!

Featuring our premium all metal construction with aluminium pedal and heel plates, the VPC Rudder Pedals provide an incredibly solid and enjoyable input experience.

The VPC ACE-Torq Rudder Pedals adjustable clutch damper can be adjusted to have a wide range of effects on the pedals movement; from damping pedal rebound when returning to center, or even completely removing the axis centering force allowing the pedals to be held in position. The clutch can be adjusted on-the-fly with the included hex key.

The spring loaded, cam centering mechanism, can be further adjusted to match your piloting preferences. The axis spring can be adjusted with the pretensioner bolt - allowing granular, on-the-fly adjustments. The mechanism also features swappable cams and springs to allow each VIRPIL the ability to customise the response to their preferences. Included options:


Hard-Center Cams (Pre-Installed)
No-Center Cams


Standard Spring (Pre-Installed)
Heavy Spring

The pedal and heel plates positioning can be adjusted. The horizontal position of each can be adjusted independently, with the distance between the pedal and heel plates also adjustable to suit a wide range of foot sizes!

By utilising the latest VPC electronics, including our high precision contactless digital sensors with input accuracy of 0.006 degrees, the VPC Rudder Pedals offer a new level of rudder input precision.

Become a pilot ace with the VIRPIL Controls ACE Rudder Pedals!

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