VPC Constellation ALPHA-R

VPC Constellation ALPHA-R

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VPC Constellation ALPHA-R

99 % of 100

Right hand variant
Metal Flip Trigger and Brake Lever
Material - Enhanced PU Plastic Construction
Flip trigger and dual stage trigger can be activated simultaneously for additional stages
Digital Brake Lever Axis
All-Metal Twist Axis Mechanism with Lockout
Adjustable hand rest
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VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip [Right Hand]

The VPC ALPHA Grip is our newest addition to our Constellation series of grips. Following on from the popularity of our DELTA Grip - we've paid close attention to the feedback from the community to provide the ultimate grip experience tailored for space combat but with the versatility to be the perfect match for any sim application!

The VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip is available in dedicated left and right hand variants allowing for a matching dual stick, or specific mixed/single stick tailored for your VPCockpit!

The VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip features a unique control set, including:

 1 x Dual-Stage Trigger
 1 x Dual-Position Flip Trigger (tactile switch trigger + button input for “UP” position)
 Combination Trigger Stages - flip trigger and dual stage trigger and be pressed simultaneously as a combined trigger for additional trigger stages
 1 x Analogue Stick (+ Push)
 3 x 4-way Hats (+ Push)
 1 x 2-way Hat (+ Push)
 3 x Momentary buttons
 1 x Brake lever (VPC Contactless Sensor) + Momentary button
 1 x Scroll Encoder (+ Dual Push)
 Lockable Twist Axis (VPC Contactless Sensor)
 Adjustable Hand Rest
 Metal Flip Trigger and Brake Lever
 Translucent hood with programmable RGB lighting

The VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip is compatible with the following bases:

VPC MongoosT-50 Base
VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base
 VPC WarBRD Base

  • Product Weight (kg): 0,51
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 214х140х105
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