VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm

VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm

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VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm

98 % of 100

200mm Flightstick Extension
"S-Curve" perfect for center mount setups
Increased Precision and Smoother Handling
 Allows for Offset Grip Rotation - Perfect for Center Mounted Setups
 Includes Cable Extension
Metal Construction


VPC Flightstick Extension 200mm

Available in 50mm/75mm/100mm/200mm lengths to suit all setups. It is possible to combine the extensions together to create the perfect size for your particular setup.

Increasing the length of the extension will lower the centering force of the base while improving the overall precision. 

The VPC Extensions also allow the user to set the grip to their desired rotational offset to account for center mounted setups. 

Also includes cable extensions.

The VPC Flightstick Extensions are compatible with the following controllers:

VPC MongoosT-50 Series Base
VPC WarBRD Series Base
VPC Constellation DELTA Grip
VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip
VPC Hawk-60 Collective Grip
VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip
VPC V.F.X. Grip

  • Product Weight (kg): 0,19
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 74х42х190
  • N/A
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