Perfect Match for the VPC WarBRD Base
Programmable LED Lighting
Available with Optional Lockable All-Metal Twist Axis Mechanism, or with a Fixed Grip Stock
 Compatible with all VPC Bases
10% Discount When Purchased with VPC Base (applied at checkout)

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Based on an iconic grip design featured in a huge number of planes and helicopters since the dawn of the jet age, the VPC WarBRD grip is the perfect grip for controlling your favourite war birds!

Featuring a selection of carefully placed controls, including:

 1 x Dual-stage Trigger
 1 x 8-way POV Hat + Push
 1 x 4-way Hat + Push
 2 x Buttons

Available with an optional lockable twist axis mechanism for extra versatility, or purchased with a fixed stock (no twist axis) for those with rudder pedals and do not require this feature.

The VPC WarBRD Grip is compatible with the following bases:

VPC MongoosT-50 Base
VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base
 VPC WarBRD Base

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