VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip

VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip


VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip

98 % of 100

★ Cyrillic Button Labels
Based on Modern Russian Fighter Jet Controls
Material - Enhanced PU Plastic Construction
Wide Variety of Buttons, Triggers and Hats
Analogue Brake Lever

Due to the height of the grip, it is best suited for desk mounted/cockpit setups.


VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip

The VPC MongoosT-50CM2 (Серийная модернизированная / “Standard Upgraded”) is further upgrade on our popular VPC MongoosT-50 grip.

The most notable change has been that the thumb button has now been replaced with a 4-way + push hat. The face hats have been replaced with 2 x 4-way + push hats, and 1 x 8-way + push hats. The index hat has also been upgraded to include a push function on the 2-way hat.

The flip trigger has also been modified to include a non-tactile sensor to register a button input when it is in the “up” position.

The triggers are now manufactured with an enhanced polyamide material to increase their durability.

All hats found on the MongoosT-50 CM2 grip are now high quality ALPs units for increased control and durability. The number of bindable buttons from the original grip has increased from 23 to 35* allowing for greater versatility no matter what aircraft you fly! The complete control set includes:

 1 x Dual-stage trigger
 1 x Flip trigger (1 x tactile button in the down position and 1 x non-tactile button for up position)
 4 x Momentary buttons
 3 x 4-way + push hat
 1 x 8-way + push hat
 1 x 2-way + push hat
 1 x Brake lever (analogue axis)

What's in the Box:


Product Weight (kg): 0,34
Product Dimensions (mm): 245х120х77

Compatible with the following bases:

  • VPC WarBRD Series Base
  • VPC MongoosT-50 Series Base
  • VPC Rotor TCS Collective
  • VPC Rotor TCS Plus Collective
  • Thrustmaster Warthog Base*
  • Thrustmaster Cougar Base*

Due to limitations of the Thrustmaster bases, there may be missing or limited functionality. Please refer to the user-manual for more information. 

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